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Documenting my Dream

Everybody has a dream, I am here not talking about that “Dream” to become something, that “Dream” to be someone. I am here referring to the more mundane “dreams” that we have while sleeping.

Yesterday night or I think early hours today I had a very vivid, distinct dream. It was bizarre and mundane but it was full of color. Come to think of it, though some aspects of the dream were very clear, there is a lot that I don’t know. I will narrate the same here, be warned and don’t ask me for details as I am putting down everything as I remember.

I was in Vishakapatnam, it was sometime during the day, possibly before lunch. I was in a cab, possibly an Etios or some other comfortable sedan and had to go someplace in H B Colony. I have absolutely no recollection of the driver, what he wore, what he spoke, what was he like nothing!. It’s very unlike me as I normally notice all the drivers whose cabs I hail.

Our conversation was primarily about how difficult the destination address was. Though we had to go through a road which I frequented a lot in my childhood, the address was unfamiliar. Suddenly google maps directed us to go into a building. On nearing the building it was one of those old railway bunglows, with tall thick whitewashed walls, shining brown tiled roofs. It’s like a close focus movie, as I don’t recall the surroundings of the building. On moving closer, we notice that the building was “Poddar School”, it had wide corridors, going up and down.

Google maps directed us to go through the corridors, down a flight of stairs into what looked like a classroom out of those 3d pavement paintings. There were many students dressed in white and brown, in clusters but at different levels. I even saw the school principal a wiry man in neatly pressed half sleeve shirt and cotton pants conducting a class. The students from other classes were watching me. The driver was figuring his way out, while Google Maps were instructing us to go in a direction which seemed to have no end.

In a blur we were transported to a large iron gate with the imposing building behind us, only there were no children to be seen around.

Suddenly, I woke up and tried to remember as much of the dream as I recollected above. The more I think about it, the more divergence I see between what I felt thought when I woke up and what I recollect now.

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