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Recap since Jan 2014

A long long time since my last post. Things have changed significantly since then.

Moved out of Bangalore and JUST EAT. A move more significant than I realised, when I made it earlier this year. Though got adjusted to Mumbai and it’s unique outlook at life, there are few things in the corner of the heart that root for Bangalore. I would not have thought this remotely possible before the move to Mumbai.

Starting from scratch in a new city makes you take note of a lot of things that you take for granted in your life. In a way this move woke me up from a comfort zone that 10 years in Bangalore has put me in. I also came to realise how imporatnt settling down at one place is from getting things done.

I might get into many more details into what a move like this entails and what one needs to keep in mind in a later post, for now will touch upon two of my distinct observations:

It’s over 18 months since my last post here. I will recount some intersting slices:

There are many more incidents that happened in this period which shaped my thoughts. Will jot them down over the next few months.

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