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New beginnings: Embracing Hugo

Two years back around the same time, I moved my then defunct site to s3 building on octopress. This post details my experience with the beginnings. This post details my experience with this whole new (at-least to me) of building sites.

The above begets the question, why did I then move away from octopress(I continue to use s3 for hosting).

All the above gave me an excuse to neglect writing and inadvertently let this site rot (just like millions of others).

A few months ago, when I looking to revive my efforts to write, I was looking for an octopress alternative. This had to meet the following requirements.

The above led me to Hugo. I liked it enough to experiment and within no time was up and running. A few minor hiccups were addressed thanks to some blog posts and basic but functional documentation. In the process I also setup auto deploy using Codeship. Now I just have to write, commit and push and the post is updated on the site.

The following posts helped me a lot in getting to speed:

Lets hope I sustain this momentum of writing often.

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