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ramjeeganti.com now on octopress/amazon-s3

This domain ramjeeganti.com has been defunct for more than an year now. I was hosting it with a friends and server and did not bother to move it when he shutdown the hosting service. Recently I decided to revive my writing and a no brainer was to revive my domain ramjeeganti.com

My earlier blog was hosted on wordpress. When looking to revive this blog, I was looking for:

The search resulted in an favor of a static website hosted on amazon s3. A little more digging and I found octopress. The basic setup was a breeze. One just has to follow the steps listed at octopress.org.

I chose the Oscailte theme by Stephen Coogan. This is just the starting and I have quite a few customizations in mind. But following the software philosophy of “release often, release early”, I am going with Oscailte theme as is for now. Following the same approach, meant using Disqus for comments.

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