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One month challenge - November 2013

If you look at my other blog properties

Now that the decision to write has been made, the goal that I set myself in the next one month is:

The inspiration for the one month challenge is 30 day challenge by Matt Cutts. I have been trying to get to writing regularly for over three years now, but it has been a no go. One of the main reasons for this not taking off is my lack of seriousness towards this. Now I plan to change that and write more regularly. A step in that direction is to take up writing as the first 1month challenge.

Going through my posts in the above links, it is very evident that the main audience was someone else. At the back of my mind I wanted to be nticed as a blogger(fame?), earn money (adwords?) so and so forth. One thing I am trying different now is the main audience is me. This site is on how I see life.

Now let’s get started…

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